CrazyFly Sculp 2022


Freeride, Freestyle, Foil (3-struts)

The new 2022 Sculp is an accessible do-it-all kite with a sporty feel. A true allround performer across all disciplines. Whether you like old school, freestyle, kite loops, big air or foil, the new Sculp will deliver.

One world. One kite.

  • Hybrid Delta Bow shape
  • Versatile all-around performer
  • Fine tuned for kiteloops
  • Extremely stable and predictable
  • Direct & responsive steering
  • Easy relaunch

Package content:

  • Sculp kite
  • Kitebackpack
  • Small repair kit
  • User manual
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CrazyFly Kite Characteristics

CrazyFly Kite Selector
CrazyFly Kite Selector

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